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Thirsty for knowledge?   Love our material and looking for more?  Or maybe you don’t want to wait a month in between?   We got you covered.   Check out our awesome Success Guides on demand

They Are Self-Coaching Mini-Courses Designed With You In Mind And Come With Easy Step-By-Step Guides To Help You Succeed On Your Life's Journey.

Our Success Guides on demand come in two price tiers.  If you are a Happily Library Member you can use your discount on both these tiers.  

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Happiness Elements series


My Life: Building The bridge to the life you Love

We are all looking for more happiness, but so few of us make it our mission to pursue it…


FearLess: Drop your fears and live a full life

Who’s gonna stop you? No one but You. The objective here is to honor the true thyself…


Unshakable Confidence: choose to Live with ease

You already have within you all that it takes to overcome life’s obstacles and challenges.

happiness Limitless series


Open Up Your Heart!

Happier And More Resilient Through Practicing The Attitude Of Gratitude 

Creative Visualization

Harvest your gift of imagination. First you see it with your mind’s eye then you make it happen

calm mind - happy body

From mentally exhausted to a happier you. Calm your mind and take back your power

happiness Special Offerings


Happiness Habits

Becoming: Tips, tricks, ways, and strategies that guarantee happiness


Mindset Shift

Becoming: Tips, Tricks, Ways, And Strategies That Guarantee Happiness


Mindful Happiness

Becoming: Tips, Tricks, Ways, And Strategies That Guarantee Happiness

Premium Free Gifts

Giving back sure lifts the soul and opens the heart. Here you will find our fine collection of premium gifts available for free to download here.

Success Mindset

Get set with a mindset reset geared toward greater happiness and success all around



Shine a light on how to handle pitfalls of relationships and uncover the keys to true love



Detox from negativity and flip your script to live fulfilling and happier life

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